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The mission of the Kendall Anderson Nutrition Center is to provide service learning opportunities and training for students in the department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, while enhancing the health of the community through nutrition outreach, collaboration, and research.

Room 114, Gifford Building
502 W. Lake Street
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September Newsletter & Recipe of the Month

CholesterolCholesterol: Understand Your Numbers

Curried Chicken SaladCurried Chicken Salad


cholesterol imageCholesterol: Understand Your Numbers

Heart disease is known as a silent killer, and having high cholesterol is a major risk factor. There is no better...
Cutting Tomato Shape Up Your Eating Habits -- For Free

The Kendall Anderson Nutrition Center at CSU is once again offering its successful Healthy You: Weight Management...
Staying hydratedWdowik nutrition column: Drink up for exercise, but not too much

With students heading back to school, fall sports are in full swing. In addition to training, eating right, and getting enough...